Wish List

Our Wish List consists of various items that range from simple items the residents use daily to the larger needs of the organization. When these items are donated, we are able to use valuable operating funds to improve living and lifestyle conditions. Of course, tax deductible cash donations are always welcome!

Your contributions are vital to the continued growth and success of our programs. We hope you’ll partner with us to help our women and children achieve their dreams! We thank you in advance for your generosity. If you have Wish List inquiries, or would like to host a Wish List collection drive, please contact Heather LuGrain, Opening Doors Program Director at 563.690.0086 or email hlugrain@openingdoorsdbq.org.


Eagle Eyes Wish List

Opening Doors Wish List


#1 – Tax-deductible cash donations, Bed of Hope

#2 – Gift cards

  • Gift Card ideas: Gas, Dollar Tree, Dominos, Eagles, Fareway, Hardees, Hartig Drug, Hy-Vee, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Staples, Target, Taco John’s, Theisen’s, Walgreens, Wal-Mart

#3 – Garbage Bags (13 gal.)
#4 – Liquid Laundry Detergent
#5 – Disinfectant Spray (i.e., Lysol)
#6 – AA & AAA Batteries
#7 – Bathroom Cleaner
#8 – Paper Towels
#9 – Clorox Disinfecting Wipes
#10 – Dryer Sheets

No TV’s Please!

We appreciate all donations and the enormous generosity our community provides to the homeless. It is best to receive items that are new and durable to last for an extended period of time. Please call us in advance to determine our needs. Thank you for your continued support of Opening Doors.

Administrative Office
2100 Asbury Road, Suite 8
Monday through Friday 8 AM to 4 PM

Teresa Shelter
1111 Bluff Street
Monday-Saturday (8 AM to Noon, 1 to 4 PM), Sundays anytime


Seton School
Galena Middle School
Blanket Wish List

Donations for other community organzations

If you have other donation items below is a list of Dubuque community organizations that would be happy to accept your donation.

CLOTHING DONATIONS: Due to space limitations at both shelters, we cannot accept donations of clothing, bedding or furniture. However, our staff collaborates with the following organizations where the women can obtain necessary clothing and furniture for their family free of charge with a referral from Opening Doors’ Staff.

  • Open Closet, a program at St. John’s Church, 1276 White Street (Please call in advance: 563-495-0885). Our women can find a wide variety of clothing (infant, all sizes men’s & women’s) for themselves and their children at no charge! They also accept bedding, purses, belts, jewelry and shoes.
  • St. Vincent DePaul, 1351 Iowa Street (563-584-2225).
  • Dubuque Rescue Mission, 398 Main Street (563-583-1394)

BOOKS: St. Vincent DePaul or Goodwill


  • Food Pantry: 563-583-4440
  • Presentation Lantern Center: 563-557-7134
  • Open Closet (see above)
  • Dubuque Rescue Mission (see above)


  • *NEW ONLY* Toys for Tots (Bryce Parks: bryce@dubuque365.com or 563-588-4365)
  • Goodwill, St. Vincent’s, area nursing homes

BABY ITEMS: Donations of baby items, including clothing, cribs, etc. can be made to Birthright, 1125 Main Street (563-556-1991)


  • Dubuque Rescue Mission
  • St. Vincent’s
  • Goodwill


  • Dubuque Rescue Mission
  • St. Patrick’s Church (563-583-9749)


  • Mike Muir @ United Clinical Lab 563-582-4919
  • Boys & Girls Club: 563-582-4122

TVs: Best Buy: 563-587-0988