Great Give Day – Tuesday, May 14

Consider a gift to Opening Doors during Great Give Day on Tuesday, May 14. This 24-hour giving event is brought to you by the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque. Give between 12 AM and Midnight on Tuesday, May 14, and Opening Doors may be eligible to win prizes.  See prize schedule listed below.  You can also schedule your gift in advance starting May 4.



Power Hour for Most Donors: Nonprofit with the most unique donors during this hour will win $500.

Power Hour for Most Dollars: Nonprofit that raises the most dollars during this hour will win $500.  Nonprofits are only eligible to win one Power Hour.

Golden Ticket Hour: At the end of each Golden Ticket Hour, a $500 “Golden Ticket” prize will be awarded to a nonprofit drawn at random from all nonprofits that received donations during that hour. Nonprofits are only eligible to win one Golden Ticket.

Money Match: For an entire Money Match period (either 60 minutes, or 30 minutes), all donations up to $500 will be matched proportionally by that period’s match pool. Example: A total of $10,000 is raised during the Money Match period. A $500 gift represents 5% of that total, and will therefore be matched with 5% of the total match pool.

Grand Prizes: Highest Number of Unique Donors 1st Place: $750, 2nd Place: $500