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Live frugally millet working in Guangzhou for two months, and use the savings more than 1,000 yuan to buy a bag she likes a brand. But when she was carrying this bag when the crowded bus to work, because clearly marked on the bag attracted the attention of many people. "Some people's vision is like saying you should not collapse brand bag, like crowded bus, or even sometimes hear someone muttering 'This is definitely a fake like the' people feel uncomfortable." Millet says with exasperation.

Data show that China currently has more than 61 million children left behind. With the further development of economy and society, the rural surplus labor force gradually toward the city, staying in children's lives is getting more attention by the community, lack of affection which the healthy growth of children left behind to become the most important issue.

"Using the brand-name bags are supposed to be rich, should not be crowded bus is. While the rich how it could catch the bus?" In Guangzhou, Zhang aunt says, and there are also many people have this idea . But there are also many people oppose this argument Zhang aunt.

According to the project sponsor, CCTV host Chen Weihong introduction, the majority of left-behind children in addition to material poverty, but also can not enjoy the attention and care of their parents emotionally, but also lack of parental guidance on the values ‚??‚??and help. Love backpack activities presented through the left-behind children stamped envelope sent to the children left behind maintain emotional ties with their parents. Presented to them through life's essential intimate objects and reading materials, etc., to help children left behind grow healthily and happily.

"Use what brand, what grade stuff is a life attitude, but also everyone's choice and the use of the exclusive brand are not rich and I think if there is no prejudice to others, I myself should do like to do, go its own want to leave the road. who provides the rich can not clogged, and cars on the clogged certainly not rich yet. "working in Guangzhou Miss Luo says.

While living in the East Lee Pai, admitted: "Whether it is an ordinary 'ant tribe', or carrying designer bags of the rich, if able to catch the bus, fits the concept of low-carbon life, we should support it Yes. and now luxury has slowly toward the public, under the low-income people live frugally can have twelve luxury, luxury package back is not a status symbol and therefore should not be wearing colored glasses look collapse designer bags crowded bus of the people. " It is reported that the pledges "Love backpack" value Amount has more than 300 million yuan.